I am retiring in May 2022.

If necessary, you may still reach me at this email address.  I am deeply appreciative of all my contacts over the years – my colleagues, my clients, the professional consultants I relied on, my staff past and present, the judiciary before whom I appeared, the Office of the Childrens’ Lawyer and the CCLA.

Is your marital status changing? Like cell phones and cameras, the divorce process has evolved. Let me help you ! I can explain the legal rights and obligations which will apply to you and your particular situation and how to get from A to Z with as little stress as possible. You can rely on my years of experience and solution-oriented approach.

How can you help me?



Child support

Spousal support (formerly called alimony)

Dividing your property


Private Representation of your children in a Custody/Access Dispute

A marriage contract


A cohabitation agreement

Going to court

Issues Surrounding your Children

Referrals to other resources such as counselling, property appraisers, mediators

Enforcement of your support order

Collection of support arrears

Variation of a custody or support order or agreement

Problems seeing your children

Same-Sex Relationships

What are my options?

Here are some:

  • Begin discussions with your spouse about the issues involved in your separation. With the guidance of your lawyer, these discussions could lead to an agreement
  • Hire a lawyer to act as your representative/spokesperson in the negotiations with the other side. This could involve bringing other experts into the discussions.
  • Mediate the issues with your spouse/partner with the assistance of a mediator
  • If an agreement cannot be reached on some or all of the issues,  a decision by the court or a private decision-maker may be necessary.
  • It is also possible to use several of these options in the course of reaching a settlement.

What should I do first?

Meeting with a lawyer for an overview of your legal rights and responsibilities and those of your partner is important. If you are concerned about legal fees, choose to pay for at least one initial consultation to obtain preliminary and very essential information to fully understand your situation. Consulting with a lawyer allows you to find out your best options.  I will offer you clear, concise advice at this early stage.

Initial consultations will help you to identify the issues, discuss strategy and  learn what options are most likely to lead to a fair settlement. I will listen to you about your needs for full or limited involvement and we will provide you with a recommended plan for going forward.

Diana Carr

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